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Thursday, February 24, 2005

Introducing Krazy Kal

Every community has its freaks and weirdoes, and the Bangkok street dog community is no exception. This paranoid looking fellow is Krazy Kal, a 6 year old brown and white mutt who has long been known as the resident conspiracy theorist of our group. Even though we've known each other for a couple of years, Krazy Kal didn't feel comfortable with me taking his photo, and was convinced that I was some sort of Bangkok municipal government operative plotting to make his life miserable!

Krazy Kal believes that every new city project or initiative is somehow rooted in conspiracy and the government's desire to control the minds of people and cause them to lose their love for dogs. He's convinced that the government is working behind the scenes to install secret equipment to bring about this change in popular opinion towards canines. For years, Krazy Kal's response to any challenge to his conspiracy theories has been: "Hey, the government thinks that if people are mean to us street dogs, then we'll just leave town. And that's what they want us to do!"

Take for example, his response to the opening of the Bangkok Mass Transit System Skytrain in 2000. Although he was just a young pup, Krazy Kal used to rant and rave for hours to anyone who'd listen that the Skytrain was set up with invisible laser beams designed to remove passengers' innate caring and kindness towards animals and replace it with a hostile attitude -- particularly towards members of the Bangkok street dog community. As proof, Kal cited an incident in which someone stepped on his tail as he was sleeping on the sidewalk near a Skytrain station.

The 2004 opening of the Bangkok Subway provided Krazy Kal with more opportunities to concoct similar government-sponsored conspiracy theories. A serious subway accident in early 2005 and several subsequent computer glitches were evidence, at least in Kal's warped point of view, that the government mind control equipment hadn't been properly tested before installation. "Once they fix the glitches, people will be coming out of those subway stations ready to wreak havoc upon any Bangkok street dogs they see," he told me recently.

"Hey wait, you're not taping this conversation, are you?"


Blogger friskodude said...


I was once bitten by a rabid dog on Patpong, not the Silom side but the Suriwongse side, and the dog was drolling and chasing it's tale and everyone kept away, but the dog saw the fear in my eyes, and bit me right through my pants. The Nikko Hotel patched me up, and I went to the Bangkok Christian Hospital the next day for the first round of rabies shots, but then had to continue another five shots after my return home to San Francisco.

Loose dogs with rabies are a big problem in Bangkok, and no dogs should be allowed to roam free and bite tourists. It was a horrible experience. I still like Thailand, but have learned my lesson.

Dogs in Thailand carry rabies and can attack you.

Stay away.

12:16 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

"Dogs in Thailand carry rabies and can attack you." I'm 21 and lived here for 18 years and I've never seen a rabid street dog, although I can't deny they don't exist. These mutts deserve some human sympathy.

7:24 PM  

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