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Thursday, February 03, 2005

Introducing Einstein

I'll be honest... Einstein, a 4 year old black and brown male, is not the smartest dog in Bangkok. In fact, most of us Bangkok street dogs think he's pretty naive and boneheaded. Not that we don't like him - in fact, he's quite a funny and personable dog. Einstein lives near Bangkok's World Trade Center, at the intersection of Ploen Chit and Ratchadamri roads.

We gave this hapless hound the name Einstein as a sarcastic way of teasing him, but he actually has grown to embrace the nickname. Over the years, Einstein has done some pretty dim-witted things, such as licking wet paint (right next to a 'Wet Paint' sign), stepping in fresh cement, and attempting to initiate amorous relations with a fire hydrant. He also used to chase fire trucks, until that one day when the firemen on board turned the high-pressure water hose on him, sending the poor fella careening into a nearby street sign. Like I said, Einstein is no genius!

Einstein also has a soft spot for female dogs, and he'll often try to impress them. He's a sweet dog, and his heart is in the right place, but unfortunately, more often than not, he just ends up making himself look kind of foolish. Case in point: One time, Einstein saw a cute young poodle walking with her owner on the sidewalk near the Sogo Department store. He wanted to do something to impress this pretty poodle, so he came charging over (in his customarily clumsy fashion) and began to sing a romantic song for her. Only problem was, Einstein can't sing: His voice is like claws on a chalkboard.

Horrified by the infernal racket, the dog owner and poodle quickly ran off, but Einstein -- by this time really getting into it -- simply kept singing, until his love ballad was unceremoniously brought to an end by a streetside food seller dumping a bucket of dirty dishwater all over him.


Blogger Antoni cruz said...

Nice blog

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Blogger Lily said... sad..i think im falling in love with your blog..Its so mega nice, sweet and love keep it up!!

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Blogger Sir Talkalotofrubbish said...

Ha! I'm impressed. I have dogs @ home. Almost the same case as yours.

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