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Wednesday, January 12, 2005

Introducing Happy

Meet Happy, a brown and white female who lives near the Asoke/Sukhumvit Road intersection. Happy spends most of her days sprawled on the sidewalks of local malls and markets, napping through the afternoon heat. She might look lazy and shiftless during these times, but in the evenings, Happy turns on the charm and sets off in search of food.

Her most effective tactic is to walk around with a friendly smile and wagging tail, gazing dreamy-eyed through the windows of local restaurants at the people eating inside. More often than not, someone will come out and throw her a few scraps of their meal, which she devours in milliseconds.

Happy is one of the most easygoing, optimistic characters in the Bangkok street dog community, which is surprising in light of the difficulties she faced growing up. As the smallest of a litter of 14 puppies, Happy had lots of trouble getting enough of her mother's nourishment. In fact, the larger puppies would often muscle the poor little gal to the sidelines, where the nipples did not bear as much milk.

However, instead of growing bitter and disenfranchised, Happy learned how to use her infectious smile to solve conflicts and open doors. Thusly, she was able to eventually gain a spot at the front of the line at suppertime. She continues to use her disarming smile to solve problems and mediate conflicts wherever and whenever they arise.


Blogger Tazzy said...

wierdest thing happened-even before i looked at "happy's" name, i thought to myself how happy and content this poor little dog looked....

1:29 AM  

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