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Wednesday, February 09, 2005

Introducing Spike

Spike, a well-built, tough black and white male who calls Bangkok's Thonburi district home, is what is known on the street as an "Enforcer". To his friends in the Bangkok street dog community, Spike is like a guardian angel, providing much-needed protection from bullies for the smaller members of the canine population. Many have said that there is nothing quite as thrilling as the sight of Spike charging into the scene of a battle like a one-man canine cavalry to save the day.

Spike's the kind of dog who doesn't hang out with any one particular group of dogs, preferring instead to befriend a small and diverse group of hounds. Spike also has a low tolerance for fake friends or dogs that seek to use his strength to fight their battles for them. Believe me, there are plenty of wimpy dogs that would love to have Spike as their secret weapon, but Spike has no problem telling these types of losers to take a hike. And if they don't, usually all it takes is for Spike to give a growl and they're history!

Spike's ongoing battle against injustice in the Bangkok street dog community takes him all over the city. This means he has to get creative sometimes in order to cover large distances in a short period of time. Luckily, Spike knows a #43 bus driver who allows him to ride on his bus. Turns out Spike saved the guy once from a pack of overly territorial street dogs that had cornered him in an alley.


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