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Sunday, November 04, 2007

Ricardo the Art Aficonado

Ricardo the Art Aficionado

This is Ricardo, a brown 4 year old brownish hound who really looks nothing like any stray dog you'd encounter on the streets of Bangkok. And that's because Ricardo had the good fortune of being adopted when he was younger by an Italian family and brought back to their homeland. His story is testimony to the efforts of organizations both inside and outside Thailand that help street dogs find happy homes all over the world.

Since coming to live with a family on the outskirts of Florence, Italy, Ricardo has become a big art aficionado. And that's why he's pictured sulking in this photo. He enjoys visiting Florence's Uffizi Gallery, where many of the world's finest pieces of art are displayed. But he wishes that the reportedly large number of works at the Uffizi that remain stored away in back rooms, out of the gaze of the public, will someday be accessible. So that they may be treasured like the rest.

Ricardo hasn't been back to Thailand since being adopted, but his human family has, and they recently brought back several paintings that they purchased from local Bangkok artists at the Chatuchak Weekend Market. After seeing these paintings, Ricardo was very pleased to see that the engine of artistic creativity is alive and well in the city of his birth.


Blogger Random Chick said...

Yey! A new post! I love reading about these dogs

11:12 PM  
Blogger Matron said...

Fantastic that Ricardo has found a new home! There are SO many dogs everywhere that need re-homing that there really isn't an excuse to buy an expensive pedigree for a pet. Go to your local pound anywhere in the world and give a dog a home! They will re-pay you a million-fold!

11:32 PM  
Blogger Apps said...

visiting ur blog after a really long time.. As usual.. your posts just get better and are really fun to read..:)
What makes this special is that its an adoption story .. very nice..

1:04 AM  
Blogger goy said...

It's sad to know that there are many stray dogs in Thailand which was abandoned by their owners. If anyone need to have dogs, please adopt the stray dogs instead of buying expensive dogs from the shop.

More info for you to know that situation in Thailand at

1:25 AM  

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