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Thursday, April 06, 2006

Butch the Political Activist

One of the most widely overlooked side stories of the recent Thai election was the crusade of Butch, a 4 year old grayish street dog who staged a peaceful 6-day protest in the bus lane opposite Bangkok's Klong Toey market. Butch's sit-in was aimed at securing better representation for street dog interests, and although it ultimately didn't succeed from a political standpoint, his campaign did gain exposure for some important issues.

The main issues of Butch's campaign were the creation of tax breaks for Bangkok citizens who leave food scraps for street dogs outside their doorsteps, and municipal bonuses for street vendors to provide fresh drinking water for passing strays. In a moving display of commitment to his cause, Butch laid in the street and endured the heat, exhaust fumes, and blaring horns from angry drivers. Although no new laws were added to the books to protect street dogs, Butch told me he's confident that in the next election, things might turn out differently.

Butch won't tell me what he's got in store for his next protest, but whatever it is, the dedication of this up and coming figure in the Bangkok political scene is sure to amaze.